Even when we think we are Rotten to our Core...

~ Leah Abraham

I went to cut an apple the other day and I realized it was starting to rott. Rather than add it to the chiken scraps I decied to see how much of the apple I could salvage and eat. I cut the apple horizontally and as I kept cuttinng, the rotten part became less and less and when I sliced through the last part, what was revealed was beautiful. Any apple cut horizontalIy will reveal a star center, but this was especially beautiful because I realized that, " Even when we think we are rotten to the core, if we cut through deep enough we find a star!"

I was able to cut around the rotten parts of the apple, added some trail mix and enjoyed a wonderful snack. I used some of the apple scraps as treats to train our little pomaranian pup and what was left I fed to the chickens who always appreciate our food scraps.

Each one of us is just like this apple. We may have parts of us that we think are rotten and useless, but the truth is, every part of us will be a blessing for someone. When we have expierenced pain and seperation, we become capable of great compassion. When we experience this pain and separation in childhood we internalize it and cary guilt or shame. Guilt and shame is the rotten part of us and it is useless! But we (our mind and our body) are not useless, only the thoughts we carry about the guilt and shame. When we can recognize that no part of us could ever be useless, we can see the original experience and realize that we did not create that pattern and we can let go of the guilt and shame that has been the result.

We can choose to transmute the guilt and shame into compassion. Compassion for our parents, our peers and ourselves.

Always Reaching for the Light,

~Leah Abraham