I Literally Stung My Own Lip with a Real Live Bee

~ Leah Abraham

So I was sitting there waiting to join a Zoom call, looking at myself in my phone's reflection and I'm like, " I sure would like to rid those lines above my lips." Then my thoughts trail off into, "Well I'm trying to be one with the planet and trying to be natural and love myself just the way I am and all that..."

There was this one time when I literally stung my own lip with a bee, a real live bee, to plump up my lips! I am sitting there, now on my Zoom call, wondering if this is the reason why I have wrinkles over the top of my left lip and not over the right? I was aiming for the center of my lips, but that little bee stung me just slighlty to the left. It's hard to direct the stinger of a real live bee I guess!

I decide at this point in my life, I have too much respect for the life of a bee to use it for my vanity, but... Then I wonder, " What if I only use the bees that are dying outside of the colony?" I imagine that instead of an old bee unable to provide a function to the colony, the bee will die with the honor of protecting the colony from a potential threat. That little bee would die with so much honor instead of despair.

I suddenly snap back to reality and realize that it is ridiculous to think that all this could be going on inside the mind of a bee and I say to myself, "There you go, trying to put a mind in a bee body."

You know by this point I am a ways into my Zoom call and Michael Niell is explaining something by saying, the rest is just "God in Drag!" That's it! Thinking of this little bee just reminded me that on the planet earth, humans are the only living organisms who have mind, mind's choice. Everything else is just body and spirit, God in drag!

Humans alone have a mind that allows the freedom to make choices. We choose a direction each and every moment of our life. Choice comes from the mind, mind is the soul, the soul is the karmic intelligence of our past lives. I like it!

At the end of my Zoom call I am still thinking about finding someone I could pay to sting my lip with a bee. How human of me!