Alignment; A Concious Look at the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection and how it Relates to our Addictions

Book Preview

By: Leah Abraham

Table of Contents


Part 1: Light

Chapter 1: Spirit. 

Chapter 2: Body.

Chapter 3: Mind.

Chapter 4: Alignment and our Spiritual Home.

Part 2: Dark

Chapter 5: A break in Spirit.

Chapter 6: Exploring patterns on the outside.

Chapter 7: Primary addictions and patterns created out of alignment. 

Chapter 8: How addictions are reflected in the body and the effect on the body.

Part 3: Pink

Chapter 9: Dealing with denial.

Chapter 10: Tools in the shed.

Chapter 11: Alignment, Allowing and Accepting. 




The introduction explains where we come from and why we are here. I discuss my idea of how our souls decide to embark on this human experience. I also explain why, as humans, we are faced with so many trials and tribulations. Each time our soul has a human experience it is working towards something, gaining the knowledge and experience it needs to continue its journey back to its source. I use poetry and stories to help the reader feel what I am describing. This chapter lays the foundation for the rest of the book. It identifies the origin of the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection as that of the higher power.


Chapter Summaries


Chapter 1 – Spirit

Spirit is where we come from and what allows us to exist. I think of Spirit as a beautiful dancing stream of light and others think of it as an old man who lives in the clouds. Spirit is whatever you believe in that lets you be here, having this human experience. God or Universe or Energy or Love or Higher Power, you choose the word you want to associate with Spirit. Throughout the book I will relate to Spirit as creative spirit and higher power or just spirit.

I imagine Spirit to be a beautiful steam of light that revolves or dances around the earth and when a soul wishes to have a human experience, spirit extends itself down to the earth creating this vortex for the soul to come into a human body and live here on earth. Spirit is like the walls of our home while we have a human experience. When we stay within the walls of spirit we are comfortable, safe and surrounded by all the things we love. Spirit delivers for us all that we choose to create in this life. When we are in alignment we are supported by the unlimited abundance that is the universe. Spirit is the universe. Spirit is life energy. 

If you look at the alignment image above you will see that spirit is identified as the V shape in the image. Spirit comes down from higher power/creative source and flows in and through the human body and then returns back into higher power/creative source, creating this sort of vortex around the mind. Or as I refer to it, a spiritual home. Spirit creates the walls of our spiritual home (this will be defined in more detail in chapter 4.)

Chapter 2 – Body

Male-female, black-white, tall-short, thick-thin, blonde-brunette, the skin we are in… Not just what we look like on the outside, but all that makes up this human body, our heart and our brain, are all part of the body. The body is the easiest of the 3 to understand. Spirit is personal and each human “body” will have their own interpretation for what Spirit is to them, but the body, this is more familiar to us. From the day the body begins to form, it uses sensations/feelings to collect data and information that the brain will store. The heart has the task of ensuring that the cells of this body get the oxygen needed to live and survive here. We watch our body grow and we learn to use our body in ways that benefit us. Our bodies feel pain and pleasure, our body learns connections with others and allows us to fulfill our purpose by moving us around, while connecting with others. 

Because the body is the easiest of the three parts to accept and understand, it is only appropriate that the body is also what shows us most clearly when we are out of alignment. Anytime our body is in pain or is experiencing dis- ease (as Louise Hay would say) we know that our thoughts may be out of alignment with our soul purpose. We learn so much about our thought patterns and the energy patterns that we have absorbed in life if we listen to our body. When we pay attention to what is going on with our body it becomes clear when we are out of alignment. 

Chapter 3 – Mind
So if the brain and all that is the brain (thoughts, chemical balances/imbalances) are the body, then what is the mind? I see our mind as our soul, the karmic intelligence of our essence. Our mind is the experience of past lives, it defines our purpose. In this human world, the mind is freedom of choice. Growing up I always heard that babies know the meaning of life but soon forget once they enter this world. That is mind. Our mind carries all the knowledge of our past lives and yet when it comes into the human experience, it
enters in the body of a baby. A human body that is incapable of providing for its basic needs, completely reliant on an outside influence, their primary caregiver. 

Once mind is here in this human body, it is susceptible to all the energy patterns of the human world, especially the energy patterns it learns from the initial care takers. In the body of a baby we become so susceptible to the physical sensations of that body; that what we know to be true, the essence and true nature of the soul, is silenced as survival in this body becomes of utmost importance! 

Louise Hay says that we choose our parents based on what we need to learn. So is the struggle of the mind in this human experience. It is all of our journeys to figure out how to see through the imprinted patterns and remember what our soul’s purpose is and to live in that purpose, to live in alignment. The mind is the only one of the 3 parts that can choose to move out of alignment, that is to say, explore patterns outside of its spiritual home. The mind is what knows how to transcend time by choosing to think about the past or the future. The mind that chooses to function in alignment within the body and within the walls of spirit remembers the mission and will gain the knowledge it needs for the advancement of the soul’s evolution. 

Chapter 4 – Alignment and our Spiritual Home

When mind is in alignment with the body and within the walls of spirit, we are home, we are in alignment. Within our home, we feel safe, all is right; we are surrounded by all the patterns that spark joy for our soul! This is what we are all (consciously or unconsciously) wanting in our lives. What has become very clear to me is that knowing what you want in life, whether it be what job you want or what you are looking for in a partner or how you want your home decorated, is of utmost importance. It is so important to know exactly what you want your final outcome to be. Get a clear picture of what you want your life to look like. You have to know it in your bones, so that it can’t not manifest! 

This chapter is all about what Alignment looks like for you as an individual. I love this chapter so much because it is a really fun part of the book, it’s a very happy chapter. Here I offer different ways for the reader to learn what their spiritual home looks like for them. What colors, images, people, foods, and more, makeup the contents of your home, what brings you the most happiness? I encourage readers to create their alignment boards on Pinterest or use magazine cutouts to make a collage or even just write words on a paper that identify your home.

More importantly this chapter teaches readers that, while creating a collage of pictures to illustrate what your home looks like physically is important; knowing what thought patterns/ patterns of energy belong in your spiritual home is just as important. For example in my spiritual home I have a beautiful pattern of energy that brings me joy when I clean my house. I jam some Rhianna or Whitney and I sing my butt off and clean my beautiful home. This is something that brings joy to my soul, it’s good for my body and spirit approves. All three parts are in alignment with this pattern of energy and I can recreate this pattern always in alignment. My spiritual home is also full of pink tones and flowers and pretty things. Good relationships and happy, healthy children. I encourage readers to use a paper and allow their creative energy to flow while they create their ideal home. What is so important about this chapter is that once you know what you love, what “sparks joy for you” as Marie Condo would say, the more you can see what patterns of energy do not belong in your home. This is helpful in recognizing when the mind is out of alignment. 

Chapter 5 – A break in spirit

If everything is perfect within the walls of our spiritual home, why ever would we go outside of spirit? This chapter discusses the issue of childhood abuse, and the energy patterns we learn as infants and children. Although a child is always living in alignment, many learn, at a very early age, that they have choice and can go outside the walls of their spiritual home to explore other patterns of energy that may help them feel safe for a particular time. For example a child who grows up with an alcoholic parent who hits the child each night may learn to hide from the parent when they see them approach. Although it is not a pattern from within our spiritual home (a place where we are always safe and never need to hide) it is a pattern that helps the soul in the body of that human child stay safe each night. 

In this chapter I explain how the break in spirit occurs. When a negative pattern (usually imprinted on us by our caregivers) is absorbed often enough and the mind crashes into the walls of spirit so many times, spirit begins to weaken and is unable to rubber band you back into alignment. Eventually, when the mind has learned all that it can from that negative pattern, there is a break in spirit. The mind exercises choice and chooses to go outside of spirit. The mind is introduced to the world of physical forms, of human bodies and human thought patterns. 

A child knows well that alignment is the ideal place for mind/soul to be and will stay aligned unless triggered by a pattern that caused the break in spirit. When children are abused their mind goes outside the spiritual home and directs the body into safety. As a child you are unable to leave or change the situation, spirit can do nothing but hold the body’s hand. Thus the break in spirit. 


Chapter 6 – Exploring patterns on the outside

The mind begins to explore patterns of energy while it is out of alignment, outside the walls of spiritual home. When a new pattern is introduced, we have two ways of experiencing it. Spirit, Body and Mind can absorb the pattern together and then decide if the pattern is one that sparks joy and therefore brought into the spiritual home, or the mind can choose to engage in the pattern without consultation/approval from the body or spirit. When the mind’s energy is focused on patterns outside itself, it is out of alignment and the results will vary and could be contradictory to what brings joy and health to the body. In chapter 4 I help readers identify the patterns that are in alignment with their soul purpose. In this chapter I explain that any pattern can be one that is in alignment with your soul or a pattern that is a potential addiction. Where one human may drink in alignment, another may drink in addiction. It depends only on whether or not your Mind, Body and Spirit are all in favor (so to speak) with the particular pattern.

Chapter 7- Primary addictions and patterns created out of alignment

In this chapter I encourage readers to be honest and to be brave in identifying what patterns are potential addictions for them. It is important to understand that any pattern the mind is engaged in (directing its energy toward) when outside the spiritual home can be a possible addiction. This means that not only drugs and alcohol but shopping or exercising, or even yelling at your children can become an addiction. In chapter 4 the reader creates their spiritual home, they get a clear picture of what alignment looks and feels like for them. 

The best way to identify a potential addiction is to look at how that particular pattern engages with the patterns within your spiritual home. If you always lie about your spending to your partner after you go shopping and lying is not a pattern that lives in your spiritual home then shopping may be an addiction for you. If you drink before you come home because you don’t want your children to see you drinking, you are not being honest with yourself. If honesty is a pattern you value, then drinking may be an addiction for you.   

 In this chapter I also explain what happens when a particular pattern consumes the energy of the mind and becomes a primary addiction. When we are in alignment we see the beautiful image of spirit extending its arms towards our creative source, it’s like this beautiful vortex of light emanating from our human body and the mind is swimming in it and possibilities are endless. When primary addiction is present the image is reversed, the mind is spiraling down into the darkness going further from the creative source and pulling the body down to lower vibration and dis-ease. 

Chapter 8 - How addictions are reflected in the body and the effect on the body

 The body will always show us what is wrong with our mind. Many of my readers know Louise Hay who (as we all know) wrote the most brilliant little book, Heal Your Body. I am grateful for the wisdom of her book and in this chapter I use examples from my own life and the lives of close acquaintances to demonstrate how the body reflects what the mind is thinking (directing its energy toward.) In this chapter I really want readers to begin to feel what is going on within their body when they are engaged with others or in certain situations. It is important to learn what joy in your body feels like and then recognize what is not joy.  

 Chapter 9: Dealing with denial

This chapter discusses the importance of acknowledging childhood trauma. This is a powerful chapter and I am working on a way to use this chapter as a promotion for the book. Please follow me on social media @leahabraham1111 to get the first sneak peak at this chapter, Dealing with Denial.

Chapter 10: Tools in the shed

Each person will have very different patterns to help them realign. This chapter talks about helpful patterns or patterns of behavior that we create to bring us back into alignment. I like to refer to any helpful pattern as a tool. In this chapter I discuss all the tools that I personally have researched, tried and found effective for me. I will discuss EFT Tapping, Therapy, Self-help books and 12 step programs. In this chapter I encourage readers to write down or review all the “tools” that they currently own. Take inventory of the contents of your tool shed and discard tools that are no longer useful and move the tools that you know you will use often to the front for easy access. 

When my mind is triggered it becomes difficult to remember to reach for a useful tool but I find that the more I visit the shed, clean the tools, reorganize and just acknowledge them, the easier it becomes to reach for a tool when it is needed. I hope to remind readers what patterns are most helpful to them when they need to realign. Readers will be encouraged to make a list of useful and beneficial tools for them. It could be gardening or meditation or swimming or walking the dog or playing piano or anything that allows creative spirit to come through you. In this chapter I will also include additional reading resources; books that I know can be helpful. 

Chapter 11: Alignment, Allowing and Accepting

It used to be really difficult for me to accept that life can be joyful and full of purpose all the time. Now I am in a place where I understand that if you are in alignment, all situations and experiences are just patterns of energy and the “bad” ones will always bring us to a better place, a higher vibration. When we know alignment and are within our spiritual home we are supported by the unlimited abundance that is the universe. We are directly connected to the creative source and we create from a space of alignment and what we choose to create is created. We allow our alignment to be the natural state of our being.

The hard part for me is feeling worthy of such goodness, but I am reminded of Louise Hay who tells us that it is our birthright to be fulfilled and happy! The goal in this chapter is to help the reader see that accepting and loving who they are (what the mind has always been) allows them to live in soul purpose and when we live like this, we move into the totality of possibilities! The human experience can be so full of joy and excitement and the possibilities become endless. 

This chapter will also remind readers that most of us were abused children and the patterns that we absorbed in childhood and carry with us throughout life can be discarded and replaced with patterns of our choice! Easier said than done, so this chapter will also include resources on self-love and how to allow and accept more joy. 

Thank you so much for reading! ~ Leah Abraham