I LOVE that you chose to learn more about my 5 Step Process.

If You want to feel safe and confident in your ability to handle life without addiction, please keep reading my friend...

You are amazing and I honor your healing journey!

The first Step in the Process : Know what Alignment feels like for YOU!

If you watch my Instagram story @leahabraham1111 you will find that each week I guide you through one step of the process.

The first step is Alignment. Understanding alignment and the mind, body, spirit connection. When we know what alignment feels like for US we can know what OUR "spiritual home" feels like. When we know what home feels like, it is easier for us to recognize when we have fallen out of alignment.

Step 2: Self LOVE

Step 3: Dealing with Denial and Trauma

This step is hard, I'm not ganna lie, and it is the step most struggle the most with. Letting go of denial means letting go of something that made us feel safe when we were a scared child, so its a big ask of ourselves. Surprisingly, opening space for our traumas to surface often helps bring down our walls of denial. Hard as hell, but that's healing... and guess what, you ARE OKAY.

Take a moment and say a self love affirmation... I see you and I love you.

Step 4: Seeing our Addictions clearly...

When we live out of alignment for so long, we tend to see patterns of addiction as normal everyday stuff. To move away from addiction and back into alignment we must first see ourselves where we are, clearly. Then love ourselves from this exact place! Know that we are perfect, whole and complete exactly where we are. When love and addiction come together, it is there that your eyes have been opened.


Step 5: Tools. It's all about the TOOLS!

What I mean here is; acquiring helpful resources, knowledge and support as you journey on this healing path... Finding a therapist or a 12 step program, reading a new book on childhood trauma, or journaling, it all counts! You will aquire your own tools for recovery and this step helps you get started...